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Al-Noor Pulse Industries is the name giving full emphasis on nutrition, quality, health and most importantly customer satisfaction. We have the most efficient pulse processing plant with latest technology machines and professionally qualified personnel to provide you with the most nutritious pulses processing plants. The prices at which we give our nutritious pulses processing plants are very reasonable. This helps one to easily avail our healthy pulses that are a result of our dedicated work and precise techniques.

Pulses are one of the highly consumed eatables in world. This is accredited to its palatability and nutritious quality. Pulses are the major source of proteins in one's diet. Hence, they are a must for people of all ages, are especially children in order to attain optimum growth. Although dal generally refers to split pulses, whole pulses are known as sabùt dals and split pulses as dhuli dals. The hulling of a pulse is intended to improve digestibility and palatability, but as with milling of whole grains into refined grains, affects the nutrition provided by the dish, reducing dietary fiber content. Pulses with their outer hull intact are also quite popular in India and Pakistan as the main cuisine. Over 50 different varieties of pulses are known in India and Pakistan.

Our Business:

Al-Noor Grains Processing Unit is one of the Leading grain processing unit at SITE Hyderabad, Pakistan.


• Machinery set up of, Pakistan, Germanu & Japan.


• Moong Pulse
• Mash Pulse
• Channa Pulse

Production Capacity:

Al Noor Pulse Industries have capacity to produce 40 Tonnes Daily..


H-12, SITE Kotri, Sindh, Pakistan.
F-9, SITE Kotri, Sindh, Pakistan.

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