Al-Noor Dall & Flour Mills


Al Noor Roller Floor Mills Hyderabad were established in Early 80s. We Position ourselves to be a regional player of quality consumer products. We provide cost competitive products to our customers also maintains pace of delivery to our customers. We are committed to deliver fine quality products that meet international norms and needs of different customer group.

Quality Assurance:

At every level of our operations, Our Processing Plants leverages the world’s best technology to maintain the highest quality standards. Designed and supplied by leaders in flour-milling, the plant that produces our high quality maida and fine flour products is geared towards consistency, reliability and quality. Whether for our attas, maidas, or sooji, all Al-Noor products are cleaned by a multi-stage dry technology. Combinators segregate heavier and lighter components of wheat to remove the chaff, and even more critically, stones. Using advanced mechanical scourers, we scrub away any impurities that have adhered to the surface of the wheat, whether dirt, mud, or pesticides. Clean, high-quality wheat is the essential starting point for our milling.


• Machinery set up of, Pakistan, Germany and Japan.


• Wheat
• Flour
• Maida
• Sooji
• Husk

Production Capacity:

The production capacity of Al Noor Roller Floor Mills is 150 Tons daily.


P-4, SITE SITE Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

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