• Al-Noor Oil Extraction
    Sunflower & Canola Oil Extraction Plant
  • Al-Noor Dall Mills
    Innovative Grain Processor
  • Al-Noor Cotton Mills
    Ginning & Oil Extraction Unit
  • Al-Noor Flour & Dall Mills
    Wheat & Flour Processing

Oil Extraction Plant

Best Quality Canola & Sunflower Oil Extraction Processing Unit.

Cotton Processing Unit

Ginning & Cotton Oil Processing Unit.

Grain Processing Unit

Grains Processing & Flour Mills.


Al-Noor Group Of Industries is a comprehensive group of companies whose business focused on Oil Extraction, Cotton Processing, Grains & Wheat Processing based in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

Our breadth of expertise covers Processing, trading and export. The diversity of our operations, combined with a strong capital position and robust risk management framework, has contributed to our 30-year record of unbroken quality Operations. Al-Noor acts responsibly towards its Customers, Employees, Society and the Environment – in every one of its business areas, regions and locations across the globe. The company is committed to technologies and products that unite the goals of customer value and sustainable development. The Group has also set up the Group-wide function Opportunity & Project Development in order to take better advantage of business opportunities.

At Al-Noor we uncover the opportunities others may miss. That's because we know success comes from encouraging our people to think differently. Our culture promotes innovation and entrepreneurial drive within a strong risk management framework. The strategy of Al-Noor Group is geared towards long-term, profitable growth and focuses on the expansion of its international business with forward-looking products and services.